Embassy of the Republic of


To the Court of St. James,

United Kingdom

Welcome to the Embassy of the Republic of Liberia, United Kingdom


Our mission is to enhance our national security, advance our interest and reflect our values within the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Vatican and the Sovereign Order of Malta. We also facilitate visa applications for non Liberians seeking to visit Liberia and passport applications for Liberians residing in the United Kingdom. 

Liberia at a Glance

Founded by freed men and women of color from the United States, Liberia, the first independent Republic in Africa, is an absolutely beautiful country filled with greenery, pristine beaches, rolling hills, exquisite wildlife and stunning waterfalls.  Located on the western tip of africa, the country is blessed with an abundance of natural resources which include iron ore, timber, and diamonds, among others.  With English as its official language, Liberia has a populaton of roughly 4 million people, and a land mass of 43,000 square miles, 350 miles of which are on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.  Boasting tremendously fertile soil, agriculture plays a major role in the Liberian economy.  Liberia maintains the second largest maritime registry in the world (totaling 3,000 vessels), while operating four seaports along its southern coast.  The country's open-door policy towards global businesses to invest in its emerging economy has resulted in over 16 billion dollars (USD) in foreign investment since 2006.  

World Bank ranked Liberia in 2010 one of the world's top 10 reformers for the second year in the row.  In 2010, Liberia became the first West African country to enact a Freedom of Information Act, showing its commitment to transparency and democracy.  

In 2011, Liberia was one of the only two African counries that showed significant improvement in all four sectors measured by the internationally recognized Mo Ibrahim index of African Governance;  these included sustainable economic opportunity, human development, participation and human rights and safety and rule of law.  In the World Bank's "Doing Business 2012" survey, Liberia is listed as one of 13 economies globally in which business is easier to do.

Liberia has two seasons: the first, a "rainy seasor", with approximately 180 days of rainfall, lasts form May to October, with an annual percipitation of 210 inches.  High temperatures in the warmer "dry seasor" average in the low to mid-nineties, although the ocean breeze in many of the coastal cities makes these temperatures feel lower.  Liberia's colorful and unique culture, history and way of life, are derived from its mixture of American, Caribbean and African roots.  There are several five-star hotels on the many beautiful beaches along the Liberian coastline.  These include the beaches near Robertsport, an emerging national surfing destination recognized in the New York Times as one of the best places to surf in Africa.

The United States Dollar (USD) is also used as legal tender along side the Liberian Dollar (LRD) which is the official currency of the country.  Banks offer ATM facilities to obtain cash from VISA credit or debit cards.

Liberia has 40% of West Africa's Rainforest


Located just north of the Equator, natural disasters are estremely rare because of its rainforest.  The country has never experienced an earthquake, tidal waves, hurricane or tornado.